The Hunter and the Mystic

The Hunter and The Mystic follows Shirley Booth, an eccentric Southern police detective who insists on riding her favorite horse and smoking stubbies while on the job.  After two bodies have been discovered in remote areas of her jurisdiction, Shirley is assigned to a serial killer case in North Alabama. When she hits a wall in her investigation the Captain of the department brings in an Investigative Intuitive, Bianca Navarro, a big haired, stilettoed, crystal wearing psychic from Texas, to help solve the murders.  Both have endured their own traumas and tragedies and at first are in disagreement with each other’s process.  But as their individual wounds are revealed they form an unbreakable bond until Bianca’s daughter is threatened and the case takes an interesting turn.  It is a story of justice and compassion at odds with the law.

Story by: Lorraine Farris & Whitney Hamilton 

Written by: Whitney Hamilton

Creative Producer: Sylvia Caminer / DolGer Films