Director : Sylvia Caminer

Producer : Michael Indjeian, Sylvia Caminer, Dani Barker

Executive Producer : Chris Gaunt, Cindy Joy Goggins

Co-Producer : Sibyl Santiago

Writer : Dani Barker

Starring : Luke Cook, Dani Baker, Eliana Jones & Mark Moses

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Struggling actress and moderately successful live-streaming star Jess Peters, otherwise known as J-PEEPS, has found her way into the zeitgeist. By secretly filming creepy interactions she encounters via online jobs, she uses the kinks and weirdness of others for Internet success. For her next episode, she's hired to write the ending of a screenplay which leads her to a cabin in the woods with Tom, the alluring self-proclaimed screenwriter. Upon receiving the script, Jess realizes she is the main character in the story and Tom is not at all who he seems — this is a job experience where Jess should really be afraid…

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Director Sylvia Caminer and actress Dani Barker will be in attendance to introduce the film premiere and participate in a Q&A afterward on
Sunday, August 14, 2022
at 7:00pm at the Savor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For more info or tickets: Click Here

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